These are the total five Muslim CHIEF MINISTER of India till date. without State of Jammu and Kashmir

Abdul Ghafoor was CM. of Bihar 2nd July 1973 - 11th April 1975 

Abdul Rahman Antulay was CM. of  Maharashtra 9th June 1980 - 12th Jan 1982

Barkatullah Khan was CM. of Rajasthan 9th July 1971 - 11th August 1973

C. H. Mohammad Koya was CM. of Kerala 12th Nov 1979 - Dec 1st 1979

M. Farroq was CM. of  Pondicherry April 9th 1967 - March 6th 1968

Syeda Anwara Taimur was CM. of Assam 6th Dec 1980 - 30th June 1981