वीडियो और रील वायरल करना चाहते है तो तुरंत ये स्टेप फॉलो करें 

1.Short Reel & Long Caption 2.Delayed Liking To Comments

3.Create Memes Related Niche

4.Series Content

4.Series Content

6.Short Content But Big Value

5.CTA With Specific Engagement

8. Asking Question On Audience Comments

7.Share Content On Story With Poll

10.Using Color Psychology

9.Create Looping Reels

9.Create Looping Reels

11. CTA Both In content And Caption 

12.Collaborate With other People In Your Niche

13.Create Overwhelming Content

14.Pin 2 Good Comments In First 1 Hour

15. Reply By Taking Name Of Your  Audience